Aimee Bida is an experienced digital marketer who got her start in the industry through her background in design. After graduating from Cooper Union with a BFA in Design, Aimee worked as a designer for a number of years before shifting full-time into digital marketing. While she works primarily in digital marketing, it was the parallels between design and marketing that first initiated the switch and helped her see the similarities between the two. With her work now, she is able to incorporate design elements into her marketing work for a better overall product.

Aimee Bida founded A.B. & Co. Creative, an innovation and brand consultancy, to marry her love for design and marketing by helping her clients develop strong brands and brand narratives to better forge a relationship with their clients. While in the past, marketing was more of a top-down approach, casting a wide net to see what could be caught, marketing today takes a much more personalized and personal approach to customer engagement. Consumers want to feel a connection with brands they are loyal to, and by crafting a brand narrative, businesses can speak to their consumers on a deeper level.

In her personal life, Aimee Bida focuses on holistic living and wellness. She approaches wellness as being more than diet and exercise but rather an approach to living that incorporates all areas of one’s life and seeks to be more centered and grounded.

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